While providing quality CPAP equipment and supplies ITS also Offers:

Card Downloads 
Pressure Checks 
Mask Fitting 
CPAP/BiPAP Auto-Titration $50 (3 night auto-titration)
Overnight Oximetry $30
Home Sleep Testing​ $125 (Includes interpretation by Board Certified Sleep Physician)
**Testing and services are provided in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas**

​​​​​However, if you currently are a cpap user and you know what cpap equipment and size of mask you are in need of, please go to our contact page and submit your information.  We will work closely with you in getting your requested equipment mailed.  Please keep in mind equipment may be replaced with newer and updated equipment by the manufacturers.​

Cpap Equipment, Supplies, and Services in Tucson, AZ

CPAP equipment and Supplies along with some services requires a prescription.  See attached script to download and print for your provider.  Please bring script signed and dated with you during your appointment or have faxed by your provider for purchase of supplies.  

Welcome to Integrity Treatment Solutions (ITS) offering personalized care in Tucson, AZ and surrounding areas.  Look forward to being set up by a Certified Respiratory Technician in the comfort of your own home.  Say "NO" to CPAP equipment and supplies being dropped off at your door step with little to no instruction. When you have a choice of a real person instructing and educating you on what can be a complicated process why go any other route? 

​Integrity Treatment Solutions

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