Cpap Machines w/humidifier (starting at $500)

CPAP Machine w/o humidifier (starting at $400)

Auto CPAP Machines (starting at $650)

BiPAP Machines (starting at $1400)

Auto BiPAP Machines (starting at $1600)


  Nasal Pillow Masks (starting at $100)

  Nasal Masks (starting at $90)

  Full Face Masks (starting at $110)


CPAP Tubing (starting at $10)

Chin Straps (starting at $20)

Filters (starting at $4)


Please note the services listed below are only available in Tucson and outlying areas

O/N Oximetry ($30)

Auto-Titrating CPAP to determine cpap pressure ($50)

Home Sleep Testing ($125)

 **Pricing of equipment will vary according to level of therapy & options**

**Pricing of masks and supplies will vary according to manufacturer & model**


ITS is a Cash Pay, No Insurance, Hassle Free Company locally owned in Tucson, AZ

USED Equiment Also Available