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ITS is a Cash Pay, No Insurance, Hassle Free Company locally owned in Tucson, AZ

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

About us

Replacing CPAP supplies is an integral part of patient compliance.  Wear and tear of a cpap mask can cause leaks, sores, and breakdown of the skin which can diminish the efficacy of the treatment.  


ITS is locally owned in Tucson, AZ by two licensed Certified Respiratory Technicians, David and Kim Krepp. Our Goal was to find a solution in the sleep industry for patients with need for CPAP equipment and supplies experiencing high deductibles and would like an option other than going through their insurance.

Portable Concentrators

Integrity Treatment Solutions

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CPAP Supplies in Tucson, AZ

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OSA left untreated can lead to high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes type II, memory loss, risk of stroke, risk of heart failure, and an increased risk of death.